1999+ 3400 Performance Computer

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1999+ 3400 Performance Computer

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Product Information

Our performance computers are based on dyno testing and street testing, giving the best possible tune for those than take care of their vehicle.  Improved spark and fueling based on application/octane, and improved shift points and line pressure adjustments for the 4T45 and 4T65 equipped engines.  Coolant turn on times set closer to the thermostat to keep the engine temperature more consistent as well.  We offer emissions delete for racing, and speedo corrections for aftermarket wheels.  We can also change the tune for some modifications, so give us a call or use our contact form for any questions regarding our tuning capabilities.

We no longer use a core system, and most of our customer prefer to keep their stock computer left alone.  You can send us your stock computer, a compatible computer, or have us source one for you.  If we are sourcing the computer, we will need to know both the VIN, and the SERV# on your stock computer.  If you are sending a computer that is not original to the vehicle, please make sure the SERV matches your original and give us the VIN off your car.  You can add a note with your order, email us at sales@wot-tech.com, or call 574-968-7607 to give us more information on your setup.

Some fields are text input rather than a drop down box.  "Stock" is an acceptable input if you don't want something changed.  If you want the fans to turn on after the car is shut down, please tell us what coolant temp to activate, and how long you want them to run.  

We are asked for "exact changes" quite a bit.  We do not share specifics, but the list below will give you a better indication of what to expect. 

Spark based on fuel octane to be used.
Power Enrichment fuel increased (heavy acceleration and full throttle)
PE delay removed
Knock Decay modified to give spark back faster once knock has taken it away
Torque Management modified or removed.  Traction Control option left alone
Fuel and Spark RPM Limiter modfied based on shift points and application
VATS Delete - REQUIRED if not your original computer

Shift RPM based on cam
Line pressure increase - Firmer Shifts
TCC Apply/Release fixed to stop "searching" at low speed

Fans set based on thermostat
option to run fans after shutoff for x seconds at y temp
Speed limiter
RPM limiter in Park/Neutral, and In Gear

Engine Codes

Race Car/Off Road use only

Rear O2 Delete
EGR Delete
Cat Delete
Evap Delete
Fuel Level Sensor Delete

List of cars we support


  • 00-05 Impala 3.4
  • 97-05 Monte Carlo  3.4


  • 99-04 Alero 3.4


  • 00-05 Grand Am 3.4
Product Code WOT34OBD2
Manufacturer WOT-Tech
Condition Refurbished
Weight 3lb

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