3100 Small Port (94-99)

  • Head Bolt Set

    New head bolts are recommended when removed from the engine due to their Torque to Yield design.  Please tell us what vehicle you are using these for, or the donor vehicle if you are swapping an engine.  This listing is used for all variations of the GM 60V6 and because there are multiple part num…


  • MSD DIS-4 Plus

    MSD’s DIS-4 Ignition Control is designed for engines with coil pack, waste spark ignition systems and is capable of firing up to four coil packs (or even four individual coils). Each Control delivers full power Capacitive Discharge sparks from idle through racing rpm. Below 3,000 rpm there is a se…


  • MSD Coil Pack Adapter

    For use with the MSD DIS-4 Plus or DIS-4 Plus HO.  You will need 3 of these to connect the stock coil packs to the MSD box. The module has color coded wires that connect to the DIS wiring and are molded using Dupont Rynite for its high di­electric strength and connect directly to the factory te…


  • MSD DIS-4 Plus HO

    For full bred drag race engines running high boost pressures from turbos, blowers or nitrous we offer a Higher Output version of the DIS Ignition Control. The DIS-4 Plus HO Ignition produces an incredible 170 millijoules of spark energy with 470 primary volts. This increased output will light up fue…


  • Oil Bypass Valve

    GM Oil Bypass Valve is a simple piece to remove and replace when you have a block cleaned for a rebuild.  


  • Timing Chain Tensioner

    Use this tensioner to keep the chain tight compared to the OE dampener. Works with all Gen 3 engines.  May fit Gen 1 and 2 as well


  • Forged Connecting Rods

    Modified SCAT SBC connecting rods to drop right in any GM 60V6 engine with a 5.700" stock rod (2.8 to 3400).   Available in I or H beam configuration, I beam having 3/8" ARP bolts and H beam with 7/16" ARP bolts.  Bushed pin default, contact if you want pressed pins. Pin bore is stock SB…


  • L19 Rod Bolt Upgrade for Forged Rod Upgrade

    7/16" L19 Alloy Steel rod bolts for use in our Modified SCAT SBC connecting rods.  Do not handle these bolts with your bare hands.  Wear gloves and keep oiled! From ARP.  L19: This is a premium steel that is processed to deliver superior strength and fatigue properties. L19 is a very high…


  • HD Bearings for Forged Rods

    These Clevite H series bearings are meant for the Forged I and H beam connecting rods offered here on WOT-Tech.  60V6 bearing tangs will not line up properly with the SBC tangs used. Clevite H-Series rod bearings were primarily developed for NASCAR racing, but are well suited to other types o…


  • Forged 3.1 / 3100 Pistons

    2618 Forged pistons designed to fit the 3.1 and 3100 GM Aluminum Head 60V6 Engines.  Based on the 3100 design to improve quench in older engines.


  • Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel

    These Fidanza billet aluminum flywheels are manufactured from the highest quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They feature excellent heat dissipation and weight reduction. The replaceable friction surface is constructed from 1045 steel and attached with military-grade aerospace fasteners. Fidanza bille…


  • ARP Rod Bolts/nuts

    ARP rod bolts/nuts for the 60V6 2.8, 3.1, 3.4, 3100, 3400, and 3.4 DOHC connecting rods.  These are an excellent upgrade for the money, especially when compared to the cost of new stock replacement rod bolts.  Cutting the rod caps and resizing the big end is required.      The description…