• 60V6 Roller Cam Comparisons

    60V6 Roller Cam Comparisons

    3100/3400/3500 Camshaft Comparisons


  • Performance Cam Bearings

    Performance Cam Bearings

    These SBC cam bearings are a direct replacement, and will spread the load across the entire cam journal, unlike the stock bearings.  Bi metal to support the roller cam profile and  the load of higher spring pressure associated with performance cams.  Regular SBC cam bearings are not designed for…



  • Custom Cam Design

    Custom Cam Design

    We designed the cams you see listed on this site, and we can design one for your specific application as well!  Our extensive database of measurements, flowsheets for full intake and exhaust setups, and compression are combined with the advanced simulation software Dynomation and our real world exp…



  • Custom Roller Camshaft

    Custom Roller Camshaft

    Any spec you want for your Gen 3 60V6 engine.



  • Torque Camshaft

    Torque Camshaft

    The most torque possible without sacrificing the peak RPM/HP of the stock cam.  1500-5500 RPM powerband, 6000 RPM shift points max recommended.  254 / 252 Duration @ .006" 199 / 200 Duration @ .050" .300" / .285" Lobe Lift .480" / .456" 1.6 Rocker 112 ICL 113 LSA Please allo…


  • Street/Strip Performance Camshaft

    Street/Strip Performance Camshaft

    Great idle quality with an extended RPM range (2000-6000 RPM powerband).  6300 RPM shift point max recommended. This is our most popular cam for both street cars, and circle track where the RPM doesn't exceed 6000 RPM.  Computer friendly as well. 259/265 Duration @ .006" 210/216 Duratio…


  • Strip Performance Camshaft

    Strip Performance Camshaft

    The WOT-Tech NA Stage 2 cam, also known as the Strip cam.  It has a mild lope to it and suffers a slight torque loss in exchange for more RPM and HP.  Shift points anywhere from 6500-7000 should consider this one, racing or street use.  Tuning won't be too difficult for this one either. 276…


  • Race Camshaft

    Race Camshaft

    Based on the Comp XFI lobes with higher ramp up rates for high performance applications.  3500-6500+ powerband, 7000-7500 Peak.  Idle is good and computer friendly for tuning.  If not in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for it to be made.   268/270 duration @ .006 218/218 duration @ .050 …



  • Stage 2 Turbo Cam

    Stage 2 Turbo Cam

    This is our best turbo cam for the 3100 3400 and 3500 engines.  Improves spool times over the stock cam and improves efficiency everywhere.  If not in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for it to be made.   265 / 273 Duration @ .006" 212 / 224 Duration @ .050" .317" / .317" Lobe Lift .5…



  • Stage 4 Turbo Camshaft

    Stage 4 Turbo Camshaft

    Get the stage 2 instead.


  • Little Thumper Cam

    Little Thumper Cam

    The only cam you need if the choppy idle is what you are after.  Substantial torque loss but with a major change in attitude past 4000 RPM.  7000 RPM peak power with supporting modifications to help the engine breath.  Tuning required.   283 / 275 Duration @ .006" 227 / 219 Duration @ .…


  • Billet Race Roller Cam

    Billet Race Roller Cam

    Comp now offers a Race Roller Steel Billet (Round) cam for the 3100, 3400, and 3500 engines, allowing for more lobe options and lobe centerlines.  If you are serious about this type of cam, we can certainly help you make the most of it.  Please contact us for more information. Adcole Camshaft P…




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