3400 Performance Package - Level 3

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3400 Performance Package - Level 3

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Product Information

Each performance package is a starter kit of sorts to a finished engine.  With this kit, you get the stage 3 heads, stage 2 competition manifold set, a race cam  our best timing kit, and a quality full gasket set that we use for our race builds.  This kit is geared towards those who are rough on their engine, such as demolotion derby, and don't want to spend a lot of money on the engine, but don't want a stock engine either.  With the street/strip cam, its also a very solid upgrade for a daily driver.

The Stage 3 heads are equiped with a set of stainless valves featuring larger valves (1.8/1.52 vs 1.76/1.42) for improved flow, reconditioned valve guides with bronze liners and sized to spec with the new valves, Comp 26918 springs, LS style seats and seals and machine work to allow for more cam lift.  The port work consists of a port matching, reshaping, polishing, and blending to give the best flow along with a full deshrouded combustion chamber.

  A custom 5 angle valve job is performed on the intake seat, 3 angle with radius is performed on the exhuast, as well as 2 angles on the valves.  Vacuum tested to ensure quality and consistency.  The deck surface is machined and ready for composite or MLS head gaskets.

Our Stage 2 Competition manifolds uses the larger 3500 upper intake gaskets and are fully ported and the bell shape inside to the plenum is perfectly shaped to match.  The lower intake is ported from end to end as well as the lower portion modified with our previously researched improvements.  

The Race cam is completely streetable and can be used on stock compression, but works even better with compression increases past 12:1.   Power comes on from 3500 and carries past 6500-7000 RPM.  

Performance Pushrods are custom length based on the cam and machine work done to the heads and block.  They are also a thicker wall, which reduces deflection (more accurate valve timing).  

Performance Timing Set.  We only use a race proven OEM chain for the 94-99 engines with cloyes gears that are cryo teated, and then micropolished.  These extra steps are taken to improve durability and reduce friction.  Combined with the tensioner used on newer engines and you have something that will stay in time longer.


Stage 3 Heads

Please choose your rocker arm stud size, 10mm or 8mm.  2003+ (some 02) are 8mm.  We offer Time Sert upgrades for both 8 and 10mm, though 8mm is recommended, or converting your 8mm to 10mm is also a common request.  If you have 10mm studs already, then you are not likely to benefit from this service. 

CBX Thermal Coating for combustion chamber and valve faces.  Great for motorsports applications, this coating will help keep the heat in the exhaust rather than being absorbed into the piston and cylinder head.


Any questions, please use the store contact form or call 574-968-7607

Product CodeWOTLA1PP3

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