87-94 2.8/3.1 Sunbird / Cavalier Performance Chip

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87-94 2.8/3.1 Sunbird / Cavalier Performance Chip

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Product Information

Cavalier, J2000, Cimarron, and Sunbird Performance Chip

Using the latest GM revisions, our performance chips not only increase performance, but also enhance drivability. MAF cars will be updated to the MAP programming, allowing the restrictive MAF to be removed.

Dyno proven 5-6 hp at the wheels on a stock motor, you can be confident knowing these are not generic changes like you will find in the major company chips for these engines. Performance aside, we also give you more options than your run of the mill chips setup as "stages".

Revised Fueling and Spark, Increased idle RPM for smoother idle, quicker fan turn on times for more consistant engine temperatures, Option for EGR delete (off road use only), Your choice of Park/Neutral and In Gear Rev limiters, and Speed Limiter.

Upon ordering, a form will be emailed for you to complete, so that this chip is setup for what you want.

If your car has headwork, high compression, aftermarket cam, headers, or custom work, please email us before ordering. Gen 3 top end swap chips will be available after testing is completed. Gen 3 motor swaps have also been custom tuned, but nothing is available currently without the car being available to us for tuning.

All WOT-Tech chips come with LIFETIME free upgrades and changes. If we find something that improves upon the chip, we will update yours for free. If you decide you want to change something later on, such as EGR or shift points, we also do this for free. Custom Tuning is available if we have access to the vehicle, contact for pricing. Own our chip already and do more mods that require custom tuning? You won't have to pay twice for chip, just the extra time for tuning.


These adapters must be installed onto the stock memcal (chip), and then inserted into the computer itself. Be sure that the chip on the adapter is across from the chip on the stock memcal. The stock chip should have a silver sticker over it.

Product Code jbodychip
Manufacturer WOT-Tech
Condition New
Weight 0.5lb

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