ARP 3x00 / 3.4 DOHC Main Stud Kit

ARP 3x00 / 3.4 DOHC Main Stud Kit
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Product Information

Strengthen your bottom end with our ARP Main Stud Kit.  Kit includes washers, studs, nuts, and ARP moly lube.  Long enough for use with a windage tray.  Windage Tray holes will need to be opened up to 7/16" to fit the stud.  Main caps may require line bored/honed when using studs, though from our experience it has been .0002" off, so no work was necessary.  Torque spec is 82 foot pounds when using the ARP moly lube (included).

Kit includes

  • 7 long studs for windage tray
  • 1 short stud
  • 8 ARP washers
  • 8 ARP 12 pt nuts
  • 7 stover nuts to secure windage tray
  • 1 pack of ARP lube
Product Code WOTG3MSK
Manufacturer ARP
Condition New
Weight 3.5Lb