Block / Rotating Assembly

  • Oil Bypass Valve

    GM Oil Bypass Valve is a simple piece to remove and replace when you have a block cleaned for a rebuild.  


  • L19 Rod Bolt Upgrade for Forged Rod Upgrade

    7/16" L19 Alloy Steel rod bolts for use in our Modified SCAT SBC connecting rods.  Do not handle these bolts with your bare hands.  Wear gloves and keep oiled! From ARP.  L19: This is a premium steel that is processed to deliver superior strength and fatigue properties. L19 is a very high…


  • HD Bearings for Forged Rods

    These Clevite H series bearings are meant for the Forged I and H beam connecting rods offered here on WOT-Tech.  60V6 bearing tangs will not line up properly with the SBC tangs used. Clevite H-Series rod bearings were primarily developed for NASCAR racing, but are well suited to other types o…


  • Forged 3.1 / 3100 Pistons

    2618 Forged pistons designed to fit the 3.1 and 3100 GM Aluminum Head 60V6 Engines.  Based on the 3100 design to improve quench in older engines.


  • Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel

    These Fidanza billet aluminum flywheels are manufactured from the highest quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They feature excellent heat dissipation and weight reduction. The replaceable friction surface is constructed from 1045 steel and attached with military-grade aerospace fasteners. Fidanza bille…


  • ARP Rod Bolts/nuts

    ARP rod bolts/nuts for the 60V6 2.8, 3.1, 3.4, 3100, 3400, and 3.4 DOHC connecting rods.  These are an excellent upgrade for the money, especially when compared to the cost of new stock replacement rod bolts.  Cutting the rod caps and resizing the big end is required.      The description…


  • ARP Oil Pan Side Bolts

    The cast aluminum oil pan on 1994 and newer 60V6 engines was designed to improve the integrity of the bottom end.  These ARP bolts are the best fastener available for this function, and complement the ARP main studs and rod bolts for a complete ARP fastened bottom end.


  • ARP 3x00 / 3.4 DOHC Main Stud Kit

    Strengthen your bottom end with our ARP Main Stud Kit.  Kit includes washers, studs, nuts, and ARP moly lube.  Long enough for use with a windage tray.  Windage Tray holes will need to be opened up to 7/16" to fit the stud.  Main caps may require line bored/honed when using studs, though from ou…


  • GM 3.1 / 3.4 Crank Scraper

    This scraper is designed for the 3.1 MPFI, 3100, 3400, and 3.4 DOHC engines. Ishihara-Johnson crank scrapers are a very simple but effective way to improve the performance of your engine! During normal engine operation a significant amount of oil adheres to or becomes entrained in a cloud surr…


  • Performance Cam Bearings

    These SBC cam bearings are a direct replacement, and will spread the load across the entire cam journal, unlike the stock bearings.  Bi metal to support the roller cam profile and  the load of higher spring pressure associated with performance cams.  Regular SBC cam bearings are not designed for…


  • Tri-Metal 60V6 Rod Bearings

    Tri Metal bearings offer better load carrying capability and small particle embedability than the more common Bi-Metal rod bearings easily found for the 60V6 engines with 2.000" journals.  Usually stocked in Std and .010".  Up to .030" available.


  • 60V6 Tri-Metal Main Bearings

    Performance Tri Metal Main Bearings for the 60V6 engines starting in 1985/86.  Older 2.8s use a smaller main journal which is not suitable for performance applications.