• 60V6 Roller Cam Comparisons

    3100/3400/3500 Camshaft Comparisons
  • Performance Cam Bearings

    These SBC cam bearings are a direct replacement, and will spread the load across the entire cam journal, unlike the stock bearings.  Bi metal to support the roller cam profile and  the load of higher spring pressure associated with performance cams.  Regular SBC cam bearings are not designed for…


  • Cam Selection Service

    We designed the cams you see listed on this site, and we can design one for your specific application as well!  Our extensive database of measurements, flowsheets for full intake and exhaust setups, and compression are combined with the advanced simulation software Dynomation and our real world exp…


  • Custom Roller Camshaft

    Any spec you want for your Gen 3 60V6 engine.


  • Torque Camshaft

    If you need more low rpm grunt, this is the cam for you.  Stock pushrods can be used with this cam, or .020" longer pushrods can be added for optimal preload and performance.  1500-5500 RPM powerband, 6000 RPM shift points max recommended. Stiffer springs are necessary, with the Comp 26915 being …


  • Street Performance Camshaft

    Improved power from 2000-5500 RPM, this cam is more performance oriented than the MPG/Torquer cam while still retaining perfect idle and slightly improved fuel efficiency.  Stock pushrods can be used, though longer pushrods are recommended for optimal lifter preload and performance. 5500-6000 RPM …


  • Street/Strip Performance Camshaft

    Great idle quality with an extended RPM range (2000-6000 RPM powerband).  6500 RPM shift point max recommended.  Custom length pushrods are recommended for optimal results.  26986 springs are recommended for simplicity and longevity 259/265 adv duration .506"/.506" lift 113 LSA …


  • Strip Performance Camshaft

    Slight lope at idle with a powerband of 2500-6500.  6500-7000 RPM shift points recommended.   10.5-11:1 compression recommended,  9.5-11.5 compression compatible.  Some low end RPM power loss compared to stock with excellent mid and top end power. Custom length pushrods are recommended for op…


  • Race Camshaft

    Based on the Comp XFI lobes, this cam requires a stiff valvespring and will want 10.5:1 compression or higher to really shine.  3500-6500+ powerband, 7000-7500 Peak.  Idle will be lopey, but still streetable, especially with the recommended compression ratio. If you run this with stock compression…


  • Stage 2 Turbo Cam

    This is the same cam recommendation given to both the street driven and hp/track record contenders.  Excellent streetabiltiy/spool time*, with a 6-7k RPM peak power depending on your boost levels.  Custom length pushrods are recommended for optimal results.  PAC 1218 springs are recommended, wit…


  • Stage 4 Turbo Camshaft

    This cam doesn't make any sense.  Check our Stage 2 Turbo cam!


  • Little Thumper Cam

    We named this cam for its purpose.  A noticably aggressive sound, with top end power nearly as much as our Strip camshaft. 2500-5500 Power Band on a stock engine 3000-7500+ with supporting mods for better intake and exhaust flow 283/275 Duration .546/.536" Lift 111 LSA We use Co…