Custom Length Pushrods

Custom Length Pushrods
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Product Information

Custom length pushrods are the correct length for our performance cams, and stiffer than the stock pushrod. While some have ran stock pushrods on reground and Comp camshafts, the proper preload on the hydraulic lifter is important for the best performance from the cam. The 60V6 is fortunate to have short pushrods compared to most pushrod engines, which reduces the occurence of deflection. Pushrod deflection causes your valve to not open on time, or as long as the cam was meant to give.  By using .083" thick pushrods meant for up to 700# spring pressure, we have reduced deflection even more compared to the .049" thick pushrods other companies use. 

Having the correct length and a stiffer pushrod will give you the most from your cam. Hardened pushrods are available for use with pushrod guides (shown on left).  Hardened pushrods should have the pressed in tip installed on the lifter side.

Pushrods take about a week from order to shipping.

Product Code pushrods
Manufacturer Smith Brothers
Condition New
Weight 2Lb


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