Gaskets / Bearings

Gaskets / Bearings
  • HD Bearings for Forged Rods

    HD Bearings for Forged Rods

    These Clevite H series bearings are meant for the Forged I and H beam connecting rods offered here on WOT-Tech.  60V6 bearing tangs will not line up properly with the SBC tangs used. Clevite H-Series rod bearings were primarily developed for NASCAR racing, but are well suited to other types o…



  • Performance Cam Bearings

    Performance Cam Bearings

    Currently only have coated in stock.  Non coated are on back order and will be updated when they arrive. These SBC cam bearings are a direct replacement, and will spread the load across the entire cam journal, unlike the stock bearings.  Bi metal to support the roller cam profile and  the load…



  • Tri-Metal 60V6 Rod Bearings

    Tri-Metal 60V6 Rod Bearings

    Tri Metal bearings offer better load carrying capability and small particle embedability than the more common Bi-Metal rod bearings easily found for the 60V6 engines with 2.000" journals.  Usually stocked in Std and .010".  Up to .030" available.



  • 60V6 Tri-Metal Main Bearings

    60V6 Tri-Metal Main Bearings

    Performance Tri Metal Main Bearings for the 60V6 engines starting in 1985/86.  Older 2.8s use a smaller main journal which is not suitable for performance applications.



  • Multi-Layer Steel Performance Head Gaskets

    Multi-Layer Steel Performance Head Gaskets

    Custom bore and thickness options for all pushrod 60V6 engines.



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