Flat Tappet Camshafts for Aluminum Heads

Flat Tappet Camshafts for Aluminum Heads

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Most, if not all of the flat tappet camshafts made for the 60V6 engines were designed for use on the iron head engines.  This is fine for budget builds, with the Comp 260H grind being the overwhelming favorite for naturally aspirated use. What those cams lack however is valve lift, and open and close events better suited to the much improved flow of the Gen 2 and especially Gen 3 engines.

Based on our roller cam results for the same top end setups, these flat tappet versions work best with the Gen 3 SFI engines.  If you have a Gen 2 engine, the RPM range won't be as high due to the limitations of the intake manifolds/airflow.  That is another topic of its own but just be aware that a cam with a powerband over 6k RPM isn't going to make your Gen 2 have power to 6k where the Gen 3 top end would.

All of the cams listed work great withour stage 2 beehive springs.  New flat tappet lifters are required and not included with this camshaft listing.  Pushrod lengths should be measured once the new cam is installed to determine optimal length for lifter preload.  

Torque Cam

Designed for rock crawlers and anyone who wants the focus to be on bottom end power.  

250/250 adv duration 206/206 @ .050  .433 / .433" Lift (1.5 rockers) .461" / .461" (1.6 rockers)

Street/Strip Cam

Our most popular roller cam, in flat tappet form.  Expect power to extend to 6000 RPM and a smooth idle.

262/268 adv duration 218/224 @ .050  .462" / .477" (1.5 rockers)    .493" / .509" (1.6 rockers)

High Compression Street/Strip Cam

A bit more cam compared to the non HC version, for use with stock iron head pistons and aluminum heads.

268/266 adv duration 224/217 @ .050   .488" / .443" (1.5 rockers)    .520" / .472" (1.6 rockers)

Little Thumper Cam

A cam designed for a lopey idle but still usable on the street.  Will lose torque and make up for it with power up top.

287/279 adv duration 235/227 @ .050   .489" / .479" (1.5 rockers) .522" / .510" (1.6 rockers)

Product CodeWOTFTCam
ManufacturerComp Cams

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