3.1 / 3100 Forged Pistons

3.1 / 3100 Forged Pistons

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Product Information

We have been working with Diamond to offer a piston designed for our engines, with perfectly cut valve reliefs to allow for more radical cams without concern of piston to valve contact.  Stock pistons tend to see the exhaust valve "kiss" the pistons on aggressive lobes used in max effort setups.  Due to our market not being very common, the performance rings we use from Total Seal are no longer available with the 1.2mm top ring that matches our groove depth.  We now offer pistons with either the stock 1.2/1.5/3.0 ring grooves, or a more common 1.5/1.5/3.0 to use custom Total Seal rings. 

Pistons are a 2618 Alloy, designed with the clearance in mind for the bore size specificed.  We recommend measuring the pistons before the block is bore/honed to be certain of final clearances.  SBC size ( .927") 4130 pins come standard with each set.  Aftermarket rods are required with these pistons.  Top ring location compared to the crown is determined by application. 

Compression is based on 3100 heads and stock .060" thick head gasket.  Designed with the 3100 height, so these will stock out of the block for better quench than the older Gen 2 3.1.  If you are looking for a set of iron head 3.1 forged pistons, please contact us for details. 

Optional Upgrades


  • Skirt coating to reduce friction.  This is common for even stock replacement pistons and highly recommended
  • Thermal coating to crown to reduce heat transfer and keep the energy in the combustion chamber. 
  • Double Diamond hard anodize with skirt coating.  Our choice for max effort builds. 

Pin Upgrade

  • H13 Tool Steel with increased wall thickness compared to our standard pin.  Highly recommended for max effort engines.


  • Double Pin Oilers (Banana Groove).  Similar principle as an oil squirter, but using the natural motion of the engine to throw oil under the piston
  • Maxi-Lite internal mill.  As it sounds, reduces weight from the piston where it isn't necessary for strength.  This is great for high RPM.

Piston Rings

  • Mahle Premium Steel Ring Set
    • Carbon Steel First and Second
    • Stainless Oil Control Ring
    • Plama Moly Coated Top Ring
  • Total Seal Advanced Profile Steel Ring Set
    • Manufactured from 440B stainless steel
    • Stronger, Longer life and Most Precise Tolerances
    • Saves money (fewer teardowns)
    • Thinner, Flatter and Lighter
    • Conforms Better to the Cylinder Wall
    • Works well in all applications, notably dirt environments
    • Easier on cylinders, reducing bore wear
    • Uses C33 face coating: doesn't allows dirt to penetrate coating
    • Available in Gapless or Conventional
  • Total Seal Gapless Top Ring option reduces blowby, increasing power slightly.
  • Total Seal Napier 2nd Ring option improves oil control, and is recommended for all applications. Highly recommended for forced induction applications.

Piston Ring Groove

  • Depends on ring set to be used.  If no rings are purchased, this will be default as stock 60V6 grooves unless the 1.5/1.5/3.0 option is selected.  With ring purchase, grooves will be matched based on ring choice.


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