Ignition / Fuel

  • MSD DIS-4 Plus

    MSD’s DIS-4 Ignition Control is designed for engines with coil pack, waste spark ignition systems and is capable of firing up to four coil packs (or even four individual coils). Each Control delivers full power Capacitive Discharge sparks from idle through racing rpm. Below 3,000 rpm there is a se…


  • MSD Coil Pack Adapter

    For use with the MSD DIS-4 Plus or DIS-4 Plus HO.  You will need 3 of these to connect the stock coil packs to the MSD box. The module has color coded wires that connect to the DIS wiring and are molded using Dupont Rynite for its high di­electric strength and connect directly to the factory te…


  • MSD DIS-4 Plus HO

    For full bred drag race engines running high boost pressures from turbos, blowers or nitrous we offer a Higher Output version of the DIS Ignition Control. The DIS-4 Plus HO Ignition produces an incredible 170 millijoules of spark energy with 470 primary volts. This increased output will light up fue…


  • Injector Cleaning Service

    Priced as a set of 6.  Send us your injectors, and recieve your injectors in like new condition.


  • 36# L67 Injectors

    Set of 6 used Bosch injectors that have been cleaned, flow tested, and spray pattern tested before new O rings and filter are installd.  Commonly called 36# injectors, these are measured at 352cc/min, or 33.5 # at 3 bar.  These use the same connector as 1999 and older 60V6 motors.  2000+ multec 2…


  • 28# Injectors

    Set of 6 Multec 2 style injectors, rated 28# @ 55 psi, that have been through our Cleaning Service.  This is a common upgrade for modified 2000+ 3100/3400 engines that are beyond the ~200 whp limit of the stock injectors. 


  • 2000-2005 3100 / 3400 Injectors

    2000-2005 22.5# injectors that have been through our Cleaning Service.