Ignition / Fuel

  • LX9 3500 Injector Set

    Ultrasonic cleaned, tested for leaks, spray pattern, and flow matched +- 1%, sporting new seals and filter for a like new appearance and performance. 

    $169.99 $99.99

  • Injector Cleaning Service

    Priced as a set of 6.  Send us your injectors, and recieve your injectors in like new condition.


  • 36# L67 Injectors

    Set of 6 used Bosch injectors that have been cleaned, flow tested, and spray pattern tested before new O rings and filter are installd.  Commonly called 36# injectors, these are measured at 352cc/min, or 33.5 # at 3 bar.  These use the same connector as 1999 and older 60V6 motors.  2000+ multec 2…