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December 2017

Looks like it was a mistake to date this main page with the updates, as the Facebook page gets the updates this page wants.  Store software is almost done for updates (not product listings).  Not exciting by any means, but important.  Flow testing is about done for the 3100, 3400, and 3500 engines, including the small port to large port swap.  That article will be updated with graphs and pics, since it is pretty damn important for anyone with a 94-99 looking to upgrade.  3500/3900 VVT information will also be shared soon, regarding head porting and valvetrain. 

June 2017

We now have a package for the LX5 throttle body, adapter, bracket, and gaskets available here, as well as an article detailing the modifications to make the brackets.  More flowtesting with larger valves and different valve and seat angles has been takinjg up quite a bit of time.  Other than that, enjoying the weather and finishing up the wiring for the Opel GT, which will be running next week if all goes as planned!

April 2017

Latest products are back, but totally wrong.  Progress is progress though, right?  Added a few new articles you may want to check out.  Rocker arm options (and the lack therof), and an update on our Flowbench comparisons.  Coming soon, block work and complete engine builds.  Thanks for checking out the home page! 


If you have any issues with the website, or have a question/comment regarding our products and services, please don't hesitate to email or call.  sales@wot-tech.com, or 574-968-7607.  If you do not get a reply, check your spam folder.  We are on the 60DegreeV6.com server, which had an episode over decade ago that left a bad impression with many email servers. 


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