Ported 3400 V6 Manifold Set

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We offer 2 stages of porting, each with its own level of modification.  All of our manifolds are cleaned, baked, blasted, and inspected for cracks and warpage.  Stage 1 uses the stock large port 3100/3400 intake gaskets as a template.  Stage 2 uses the larger 3500 upper intake gasket for the most flow possible from these manifolds.  Where our work differs from other companies is based on flowbench research.  We only use the gasket port sizes as a limit to porting, not a template to be matched.  Gasket matching improves the flow compared to stock, but will be outperformed by our higher flowing designs. 

Our Sportsman manifolds are modified to the port shapes we want, then blended into the stock runners.  For the upper, this means blending to the stock plenum area, and the lower is blended through the bend at the top, and into the injector boss area at the bottom.  Competition porting is fully ported in the upper and the bell shape inside to the plenum is perfectly shaped to match.  The lower intake is ported from end to end as well as the lower portion modified with our previously researched improvements.  There is a significant improvement between Sportsman and Competition porting for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 manifolds.  

Manifold sets include the best gasket options available with our torque spec sheets as well.  Throttle body gasket will be modified for 65mm when the plenum opening option for 65mm is selected.  

If you would like the lower intake manifold bolts with loctite already applied, injector and rail o rings, valve cover bolt seals, etc, please select the Gaskets Plus option.

Powdercoating is available in many colors, and we can have other parts coated at the same time if you would like.  Its a bit difficult to put all of this in one listing however, so please contact us if you are interested.  Please use the additional Info field for the color.

If you have a cracked upper manifold and would like for us to weld it up, please contact us for pricing.  Our porting does not increase the chance of cracking.  We recommend following our torque procedure to reduce the risk for any upper intake, stock or ported.

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